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Success Story: Humanitarian Parole for Reuniting a Family

F4 India Law Firm successfully handled a challenging case involving a humanitarian-based Advance Parole application. The client was granted parole authorization by USCIS for a duration of two years, allowing them to enter the United States. This accomplishment is worth sharing as it demonstrates our team's dedication and expertise in handling complex cases. Despite facing initial discouragement from other U.S. immigration attorneys in both the U.S. and India who believed the case to be impossible, the client found hope and assistance with our firm.

The case revolves around a family of three, comprising a husband, wife, and their five-year-old child. The family entered the U.S. several years ago on L Visas (L1, L-1A, and L-1B Visa) and filed for a Green Card through Adjustment of Status within the United States.

During the pending Green Card application, the family received news of their seriously ill grandfather in India, necessitating their visit. In response, the family promptly filed for a Reentry Permit. While the parents received reentry approval, their daughter's approval faced delays. Mistakenly believing that the receipt they received from USCIS was an approval notice, the parents flew back to India to visit their grandfather, who tragically passed away shortly after their arrival.

When the couple and their child attempted to reenter the U.S., they faced a devastating setback. The Immigration officer at the port of entry informed them that while the parents could reenter, the child was not permitted as she lacked the approval of a Reentry Permit. The couple, understandably distressed, argued that they could not leave their young child alone in India with other relatives. Desperate, they reached out to friends in the United States, who discovered that the reentry approval for the child had arrived by mail after the family had already left the country. Despite this evidence, the officer refused entry for the child.


With mounting panic and chaos, the couple decided that the father would return to the U.S. while the mother would remain in India with the child until they could legally reenter the United States. The struggle intensified as the father consulted numerous U.S. attorneys, many of whom demanded exorbitant fees without providing any assurance of the child's reentry eligibility.

Meanwhile, the mother in India faced her own challenges in finding an immigration attorney who would accept the case and offer guidance. She visited the U.S. Embassy in Delhi, where an officer kindly suggested applying for Humanitarian Parole for the child. However, embassy and consulate staff are unable to assist with case preparation, leaving the mother feeling lost.

Days turned into weeks, causing significant disruptions to the mother's job and legal status in the United States. Her reentry permit was nearing expiration, and she lost her employment due to her inability to physically join the office within the U.S. It was during this tense period that the family discovered F4 India Law Firm, bringing them a renewed sense of hope and relief.

After their initial telephonic consultation with our attorney, the mother felt reassured that she had found the right team to handle her case. Our attorney approached the case with confidence, diligently preparing a comprehensive file containing a wealth of affidavits, letters, and supporting evidence. The outcome was a resounding success as USCIS approved the child's Humanitarian Parole, enabling her to obtain a boarding foil at the U.S. Consulate in Chennai. On September 22, 2020, she returned to the U.S., reuniting the family. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to her and wish her a happy life ahead.

Expert Advice: It is crucial for applicants with pending green card applications at USCIS to travel with a valid travel document to avoid complications and ensure

Client Reviews

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Thanks very much, "F4 India Consultants", for taking up our emergency advance parole case and guiding it all the way through to a positive end. We are grateful for your support. We were in touch with other attorney firms initially explaining our situation, and most of them refused at the first step, saying there is only a 0% chance for success. Our first positive feedback came from F4 India consultants, and that's how we started the case. Throughout this journey, we got a lot of help, and all of our questions were answered promptly. We were in touch almost all the time. Everything happened on time, and we got the approval within a month's time. I strongly recommend F4 India for any advance parole cases. Thank you.

Date of experience: May 01, 2020