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Success Story: Family Re-Unification I-131, Application for Humanitarian Parole

Case Summary:

F4 India Law firm accomplished a humanitarian-based Advance parole application. As a result, the Client was granted parole authorization by USCIS for two years. Thus the applicant was issued a boarding pass to enter the United States by Chennai U.S. Consulate on 9th September 2020. 

An achievement worth sharing. It was a challenging case, but our dedicated Team handled it well. We are always ready for complicated cases. However, before approaching us, the Client was disheartened because many U.S. immigration attorneys inside the U.S. and India refused to take the case. As per them, it was impossible to have humanitarian Based advance parole for derivative because of the pending Adjustment of Status and leaving the U.S. without a valid re-entry permit.

Case Story:

A family of three members. Husband, Wife and five years old Child. All three entered the U.S. many years ago on L Visas (L1, L-1A and L-1B Visa). They applied for a Green card (Permanent Residency) inside the United States under Adjustment of Status.

Their application was pending, and they got the news that their Grandfather was seriously sick and all family members had to visit India. So the family immediately filed for a Reentry permit. The parents got the reentry approval, but their daughter's approval got delayed. The parents' mistake was that they thought the receipt they received from the USCIS for the reentry permit was an approval notice, and they flew back to India to visit their Grandfather, who was on death bed.

After a few days, the Grandfather passed away. When the Couple and the Child reached the airport, they were stopped by the Immigration officer at the port of Entry and told that the Couple could reenter, but the Child couldn't as the Child did not have the approval of a Reentry permit. 

It was shocking to the Couple; they tried to convince the officer that they could not leave their 5-year-old Child alone in India with other relatives. So they made many calls to their friends in the United States and asked them to check their posts. They find out that the reentry approval for the Child reached by post to their address after they leave the country. But the officer refused Entry to the Child. 

After a lot of chaos and panic, the couple decided that the father would enter the U.S. and the mother would stay with the Child in India until they could reenter the United States legally.

Now the real struggle started. First, the father visited many U.S. attorneys inside the U.S., but some were asking for enormous fees, and even after that, they were not sure if the Child would be allowed to reenter the United States. 

Secondly, the mother in India had a tough time finding an Immigration attorney who would accept the case or give assurance that they could handle it. So the mother visited the U.S. embassy in Delhi, India and approached them for help or guidance. The officer in the U.S. Embassy was very kind and advised her to file for Humanitarian Parole for the Child. But unfortunately, people in the embassy or consulate cannot help you with case preparation. So still, she was feeling lost. 

Days were passing and affecting her Job and Legal United States status. Her reentry permit was near expiration, and her employment in the United States got terminated because of her ineligibility to join the office physically inside the U.S.

The family was so tense until they found us. Then, after our first telephonic consultation, she was relaxed that this time she found the right Team. Our Attorney was confident that he would be able to win this case. We prepared the file. It was a massive pile of affidavits, Letters, and Supporting evidence, but the good part is that we won the case. USCIS approved the Humanitarian Parole of the Child, and the Child was issued boarding foil at U.S. Consulate in Chennai. She flew back to the U.S. on 22nd September 2020. The family is reunited. We are happy for her and wish her a happy life ahead. 

Expert Advice -It is advised to all the applicants that if their green card application at USCIS is pending, then it is extremely important that you travel with a valid Travel document. 

Check the client's review here:  https://www.trustpilot.com/users/5eab6369bbf1af6b8cf7710a

Client Reviews

Best Immigration india

Thanks very much, "F4 India Consultants", for taking up our emergency advance parole case and guiding it all the way through to a positive end. We are grateful for your support. We were in touch with other attorney firms initially explaining our situation, and most of them refused at the first step, saying there is only a 0% chance for success. Our first positive feedback came from F4 India consultants, and that's how we started the case. Throughout this journey, we got a lot of help, and all of our questions were answered promptly. We were in touch almost all the time. Everything happened on time, and we got the approval within a month's time. I strongly recommend F4 India for any advance parole cases. Thank you.

Date of experience: May 01, 2020