When do you need to hire an immigration Lawyer?

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Why is an immigration lawyer so important?

We’ll talk about when you need to hire an immigration lawyer? Do we hire an immigration attorney? There’s so much confusion in this whole immigration system, especially in the past few years with all the law changes and turmoil. People always ask, why do you need to hire an immigration attorney? Can’t we do it ourselves? Well, here are some reasons.

Reason: if you can’t figure it out yourself. You can’t figure it out. For example, let’s say you’re in the USA as a student, and now you want to move to a job. And you have multiple degrees, and you have different skills. There are many visas that you may qualify for. There’s the H B visa, and there’s the O visa, an H visa, an H B visa because of seasonal labor. There could be an E if you want to start a business right now and collaborate. There are many options. You know you qualify for a visa, but you don’t know which one.

So, if you’re unsure and not confident about your option, that’s when you want to talk to the immigration attorney? Even if you don’t hire that person, pay for a consultation; get the full options right on paper, so you know what to do next.Reason: if you’re a petitioner and want to sponsor your alien relative (Your parents or spouse or siblings or children), your family member on I-130 petition under category F3/ F4/F2A/F2B/CR-1/IR. You want to have hassle-free, fast visa processing. Then you should hire an attorney as they are the one who does hundreds of visa filings and has studied many different cases. Thus they are the ones who can prevent a refusal or delay. Also, they guide you to choose between consular processing or Adjustment of Status based on your circumstances and eligibilities. The last thing you need is to worry about immigration. So, it’s imperative to hire an attorney who can give you all the options.

The attorney would help you deal with all the compliance. For example, if you’re filing for a green card, you have to deal with the Labor Department; you have to know which forms to file with the Labor Department, which forms to file with the immigration service, which includes filing with the embassy, different things, and those deadlines as well.

Also, filing error-free Ds 260 is necessary to prevent your case from getting into unnecessary delay or refusal.

So, that’s why if you’re a petitioner or Beneficiary and doing it for the first time, you must talk to an immigration attorney, hire them for consultation at least, or use them to do all the process for you.

Reason: if you’re in court proceedings, if you’re apprehended or detained, or about to appear in court in the next few months, you must speak to an immigration attorney. Most court proceedings involving immigration require an immigration attorney because the law is so complex that making one wrong plea or making one more wrong move actually as to how you plan your case can result in your deportation. Therefore, whenever you are involved in a court proceeding, it is essential to seek the advice of an immigration attorney. Because again, laws keep changing. There are so many things you can do. Many loopholes can be used. Depending on when you came to the United States, whether you’re married to a US citizen, whether you have a criminal record or not, depends on so many factors.

Another reason you want to talk to an immigration attorney is if you’re inadmissible. Anything that will deem you inadmissible, you must speak with an immigration attorney that will be able to analyze your situation, will look at when the crime was committed, what kind of crime is it, how bad is it, and what will be the ramifications of it?

If you’re experiencing delays in your immigration proceedings, you should talk to an immigration attorney. So, that’s another reason. So, for example, let’s say you filed the case on your own. You filed your green card. You filed your own green card. You thought you knew everything, and you did it. And you waited. Six months went by; nine months went by, a year or two years with no results. You need to speak to an immigration attorney if there are delays in the system. Under this administration, there are many, many delays in the system.

Some cases take forever. Even cases that attorneys file are experiencing delays. Imagine if you file something on your own, forgot to check the box, and forgot to add a form. Delays can happen with the USCIS. Delays can happen with the Labor Department if you file a case with the Labor Department, and delays are happening with the National Visa Center if you’re filing a green card case based on marriage to a US citizen; delays can occur all the time. Sometimes, cases take longer than they should. And the only way to resolve this is by working with an attorney who knows the system, what to tell the government, how to inquire, and when to threaten them with a lawsuit.

And finally, if you’re overwhelmed by the paperwork. You started doing your case, marriage case, H B, and citizenship, and you have tons of paperwork and many supporting documents, and you’re just overwhelmed. You’re sitting there like, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if this form goes here or this goes there? Or do I file this with this address or with the other address?” You’re sitting there, and you’re getting stressed; that’s when you call the immigration attorney. You don’t need to be overwhelmed with the paperwork. There’s so much paperwork, leave it to the immigration lawyers. Also never rely on USCIS immigration officers’ advice. They’re not lawyers. They’re not there to help you and they have no legal obligation to you. So sometimes, they can tell you stuff that are not right. And we’ve seen cases where people rely on immigration officers’ advice over the phone, and their cases were denied. So, never rely, even if you do the case on your own, never, ever rely on a USCIS officer’s advice on anything. That’s one piece of advice. So, here are some reasons why you should hire an attorney, at least talk to an attorney. If you’re confused, If you don’t know your options. This is what we’re here for. Whether you use us or somebody like us, talk to an attorney. Do yourself a favor because that will save you a lot of time, hassle, and aggravation.