Humanitarian Reinstatement of an Approved Petition

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Humanitarian Reinstatement for revoked Immigrant petition

Recently in this Covid -19 pandemic we have received a lot of questions from Alien relatives and family of sponsor, where Petitioner or Principal Applicant died because of COVID-19. Its really unfortunate that this deadly disease has hit drastically all over world. But as it is not the end of anything, Intending Immigrants still have a chance to Immigrate to US and unite with their parents or siblings or spouse.

Here are few common questions about Humanitarian Reinstatement, please contact our law firm if you are in similar situation

  • How to ask USCIS for Humanitarian Reinstatement of I-130 Petition?

  • Your petitioner has passed away in COVID-19 19 pandemic and you are worried about your I-130 petition. Can you as a beneficiary still get a Green Card?

  • Your Father has passed away due to COVID-19 19 what will happen with your F3 petition?

  • Your Mother has passed away due to COVID-19 19 what will happen with your F3 petition?

  • Your Brother/Sister has Died because of COVID-19 19 What will happen with your F4 Visa Category petition?

  • Documents has Qualified by NVC but due to COVID-19 19 your petitioner is dead, Worried now?

  • COVID-19 killed my Petitioner, how to reinstate your petition with the help of our Attorney?

F4 India Immigration Law has Most Experienced Lawyer in Humanitarian Cases.

If you have filed an immigration Visa or Green Card through your relative but your relative died due to Covid-19 before you get the Visa or Green Card. You might not be able to proceed without Immigration Lawyer, it is because the petition filed by your relative (Petitioner) as a necessary part of your Visa/Green Card, petition is revoked by USCIS under certain circumstances when your petitioner dies

  • How to get Reinstated/Approval for your Revoked petition after the death of U.S. Sponsor/Petitioner?

  • Petitioner/Applicant died in COVID-19, Need to worry now for your pending petition?

  • Your Uncle/Aunt died and she was your sponsor in your petition, what will you do now. Worried?

  • What if USCIS does not give you approval in petitioner died case, Can I file again?

  • If my petition I-130 or Adjustment of Status is pending at the time my petitioner?

  • What will happen if I was married to a U.S. Citizen and the petitioner died in COVID-19 pandemic while my green card is still pending?

(We really wish no one go through such bad situations ever)

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