New Green Card Rules

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New Green Card Rules for Permanent residency

Here are some New Gren Card rules which are applied by The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). These new green card rules will go into effect in 2020. Anyone who is a green card holder or want to apply for a green card, it’s important that they know and understand the new laws and how they can impact your status. These new green card laws were passed in 2019 but went into effect in 2020.

Summary: Not knowing the new green cards laws can have serious consequences. If you have a green card and don’t identify yourself as an immigrant on your tax return or are out of the country for an extended period of time, the new rules mean that your application for citizenship or a green card could be denied – and you could even be deported.” If you ever mention that you were not aware of the new green card rules then remember that is not at all an acceptable excuse for USCIS.

New Green Card Rules are as follow:

  • Tax returns: If due to any reason you fail to admit on your tax returns that that you are an immigrant on or fail to report some of your income on tax returns than you could get deported.

  • Selective Service: Men aged 18 to 25 who hold a green card have to register with the U.S. Selective Service; If you failed to do so than this could lead to deportation.

  • Oversees Stay: Extended overseas travel or a long vacation can will be considered as “abandonment” of the green card and this will result in removal proceedings.

Dear Green Card Holders and intending immigrants who are in process of getting Green Card, this is an important information for you. We know after such a long wait, patience and hard work you get your green card so, stop being negligent and take every US rule seriously and avoid the consequences which can hit you badly.

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