NVC Welcome Letter to Documentary Qualified

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NVC Welcome Letter to Documentary Qualified

Today’s topic is one of the most important topics for all Intending Immigrants who have filed under Family base petitions. We will discuss the essential facts concerning your Visa processing at NVC, starting from getting NVC welcome letter to getting Documentary Qualified.

  • Quick Submission at NVC is a key to your fast Visa Interview: In this Article, you will know why an applicant must finish up the task of providing all the documents and details asked by the NVC during its Visa processing as early as possible?
  • Accurate Submission can prevent your case from getting delayed or denied: We will discuss what possible blunders can happen if you filled your DS 260 wrongly or have provided invalid documents to NVC.
  • Most recent real Case studies: We will share some life experiences of some of the applicants who suffered a lot because of inaccurate Submission at NVC during their Visa processing.
  • Questions: What is the monthly volume of immigrant visa cases that the NVC processes, and how does NVC manage documentarily qualified case files for posts that have not yet resumed standard immigrant visa processing?

So from Above, you can have an idea that this Article will be the hottest and informational topic for all Intending immigrants and their petitioners.

So let’s begin NVC’s Visa processing starts with a welcome letter. This welcome letter is issued when your priority date becomes current for Visa processing in Visa Bulletin Chart B. Once your priority date is current for Visa Processing, you will receive a fee bill from NVC. This fee bill is also known as Welcome Letter. You will find the instructions to pay your visa fee under the CEAC portal using your NVC case number and invoice Id. You also have the privilege to change your processing from consular to Adjustment of status if you are inside the United States before fee submission. But those who are outside the United States have to follow consular processing. After submitting your Visa fees, you have to fill Form DS 260 and upload financial and civil documents. Once all your documents are submitted, NVC will review them, and if everything goes well, you will get documentary qualified notification and email from the NVC. Now the time you take to Fill Ds 260 Form and upload your documents must be as minimum as possible. The more time you take, the late you will become documentary qualified, and thus your Visa interview will be delayed.

Visa interviews at US Consulate are scheduled based on three factors:

  • 1st is that your priority date should be current as per Visa bulletin Chart A for Immigrant Visa Interview, which is not in your hand. Still, you can always have calculated predictions by experienced attorneys on this.
  • 2nd your document qualified date should be early, which is the point in your hand if you prepare your documents and required information in advance, you can prevent this delay and be in the queue for Interview early.
  • 3rd is the Availability of Interview Slots at the US Consulate. Again, this is not in your hand. Still, if you have become documentary qualified timely, i.e., as early as possible after getting the NVC welcome letter, yes, somehow you can prevent delays.

Now comes the reason for late Submission or not getting the documentary qualified on time.

It has been experienced that sometimes people, because of lack of awareness or knowledge or to save a little money, hire unprofessional people like local agents who don’t have enough experience with US Immigrant Visa processing. Consequently, their Visa processing gets exceptionally delayed, and later at the Interview, they come to know about the inaccurate filling of DS 260. As a result, they get 221 G refusal, and for months their case stays under administration processing.

In context to above, we would like to mention an actual case study of a Beneficiary who got denied and banned for ten years. The man had a family petition filed by his brother in May 2004. In 2018 when the Visa petition became current for Visa processing at NVC, their petitioner submitted fees and forwarded all his financial documents to NVC as the case was under paper filing at that time. The man who was the Beneficiary / Principal applicant on the petition hired a local agent to proceed with his Visa processing. The local agent, without any careful review, while filling DS 260 Immigrant Form, filed the wrong information. The beneficiary had a court case resolved before Filling up Ds 260. Still, as it is important to mention everything asked in the Ds 260 truly, the agent suggested the beneficiary not disclose it as he will get into unnecessary hurdles and explanations, and thus he should hide it. They ignored the point asked if you ever had any court case or conviction even if it has been disposed of. The agent replied no to the question, and at the time of the Interview, when the Interview Officer asked him about any criminal offense or court case, the applicant denied it. At the same time, the officer already had all the details concerning his previous court case. The officer refused based on misrepresentation and banned him for ten years. We know a few more cases where the local agents upload documents incorrectly, and NVC, after every three months, sends notifications to provide valid documents. This also takes a lot of time and delays the case unnecessarily.

Now comes the hot questions discussed with NVC AILA DOS MEETING in February 2021.

Question 1: What has been the quantitative effect of the pandemic on case processing? How many cases were completed in FY 2020 versus FY 2019?

Reply: In FY 2019, NVC processed 240,446 documentarily Qualified cases, In FY 2020, NVC processed 321,274 documentarily qualified cases Question 1: What is the monthly volume of immigrant visa cases that the NVC processes?

Reply: During FY2020, on average, NVC performed case creation for nearly 37,000 petitions and reviewed supporting forms and documents for 77,000 cases per month.Question 3: How is NVC managing documentarily qualified case files for posts that have not yet resumed standard immigrant visa processing? Are they in queue prioritized by date of qualification? If not, what is the prioritization scheme for these cases? Are there standard priorities, or are priorities defined at a post level?

Reply: NVC continues to schedule cases only for posts able to conduct interviews. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NVC is warehousing cases for consular sections that have not resumed routine IV processing and cases with visa categories subject to the various Presidential Proclamations. Other than age-out cases, intercountry adoptions, and expedites, per 9 FAM 504.4-6 (U) upon visa availability, NVC schedules immigrant visa appointments for visa categories that can be processed in the chronological order of documentarily complete applicants - within each visa class - based on post capacity. Host country and Department of State guidance on operating safely during the pandemic also weigh on this approach. NVC will maintain this approach as posts resume routine visa services.

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