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Request Humanitarian Parole for U.S. Entry

Humanitarian Parole Approved for Medical Emergency in 32 Days of Filing

F4 India Immigration Law Firm received an approval of a humanitarian based parole filed on behalf of a client who's subject to the 7 years criminal presence ban, pursuant to INA Section 212.

She previously entered the U.S. On a B-2 visitor visa, but stayed out of standing in the U.S. For over two and half years before departing back to India.

Parole is governed my many Public Laws and U.S. National policy which includes INA Section 212 which states:

The Attorney General might, except as provided in subparagraph or in section 1184 of the title, in his discretion, word in the USA momentarily under such conditions like him might prescribe only on a case-by case basis for urgent numerous reasons or significant public benefit any alien applying for entrance to the US, but such parole of such alien will not to be regarded as an admission of the alien and once the purpose of such parole shall, in the opinion of the Attorney General, have been served the alien must immediately return or be returned to the custody from that she was paroled and thereafter her record will continue to be dealt with in the same way like that of any other applicant for entrance to the USA.

It's necessary to understand that parole is a discretionary authority that enables the temporary entry of people into the USA for urgent many reasons or for public benefit. It does not constitute admission, to the United States and it does not convey any immigration benefits to the beneficiary. Common parole requests consist of medical urgent matters, the unification of family members, criminal and civil proceedings, along with other emerging asks. USCIS, ICE and CPB exercise concurrent password authority. The USCIS Permits Parole for aliens outside of USA for a number of reasons, including humanitarian. ICE authorizes parole of foreigners outside the US for a number of grounds, including law enforcement and intelligence as well as to release detained foreigners from custody.

CBP authorizes parole at USA ports of entry, including pre flight inspection facilities.

Humanitarian Parole is a remarkable measure that makes it possible for an otherwise inadmissible alien to come to the US to get a compelling emergency. Cases involving life threatening medical urgent matters, family unification, kids under 13 years old, and emotionally or physically challenged individuals receive an immediate expedited review. Roughly 1800 Humanitarian Parole requests are received annually and only 30% are awarded. The vast majority of humanitarian parole asks as so denied.

F4 India law firm prepared a Humanitarian Parole application package on behalf of my client that included: A detailed stage memorandum presenting the urgency, convincing and nature of her petition. A discussion of my customer's strong, permanent, and indisputable ties to her country of residence that communicates any notion of intent.