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Reinstatement of revoked family-based Petition to the approval of Immigrant Visa 

Today's Success story is about a Family based Petition, category F3, filled by a U.S. Citizen Father in 2008 for her married daughter and Family from India. The Applicants name is Karuna Dogra. She is from Punjab, India. Her Parents immigrated to the United States in the 90s on a Family-based petition filled out by her Mother's sister. Unfortunately, Karuna and her brother couldn't immigrate with them then because of their age. Thus the Family got separated. But they hope that they still have the opportunity to reunite with their parents through other family preference visa categories.  After five years of staying in the United States, Karuna's father got naturalized and became U.S. Citizen. As a U.S. Citizen, Karuna's Father, Joginder pal Singh was eligible to file an I-130 family-based petition for her daughter under family reunification. So he filled out the petition in 2006 and got approval in 2007. They were hopeful that soon they would reunite, and the wait started. In the beginning, Karuna's parents used to travel to India to visit their children, but travelling became difficult with age.  

In 2017 Karuna's father passed away because of a severe illness. It was a significant setback for the Family. The death of the petitioner shattered all hopes of getting reunited. The Family remained in sorrow for a long. Karuna's uncle and Aunt were very helpful. All relatives were looking for a way to get Karuna to unite with her aged Mother in the U.S. Her Mother approached many immigration lawyers in California and other parts of the United States, but she was told the case had many loose ends and that nothing can be done now in this situation. Karuna Dogra Googled and contacted our office in Mohali, India. It was not a smooth case, but because of our team’s knowledge and professionalism, we worked on every small detail. We were confident that we could win this case if we presented it strongly in front of the immigration officer. Our Attorney filled the Request to reinstate the Revoked Petition under Humanitarian Grounds in May 2019. In 2020 the case got approved, and after that, the national visa centre started its processing, but due to the backlog after Covid 19 Pandemic, Visa interviews got delayed. We expedited the interview process, and she received her interview scheduled for 11 November 2022. 

On the day of the Visa interview at the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai, the Visa officer refused the case and handed over the 221-G letter stating that the joint sponsor was not financially eligible to support intending immigrants. This was shocking news, but we were confident that the joint sponsor is eligible as his income is enough for karuna Dogra I-864 AOS. Our Attorney took immediate action, and on the same day, the issue was resolved. The U.S. Consulate asked to discard the 221-G letter. In the next 24 hours, all family member’s visas got approved, and she was instructed to submit all the passports for Visa Stamping.

 On 21 December 2022, Karuna and her family reached the USA. We congratulate her and her family for becoming a lawful Permanent resident of The United States. I want to congratulate my team as well. After so many dedicated hours in case file preparation, Follow ups and efficient communication, our team efforts and patience led to this great accomplishment. We are very proud and grateful for our team's hard work.


Client Reviews

Best Immigration india

I, Karuna Dogra would like to thank Mr. Samar Sandhu and his team of F4 India Consultants who helped me in getting my revoked petition approval from USCIS on humanitarian reinstatement grounds. My I-130 approved petition was revoked after the death of my beloved father, who was my petitioner. It was a heartbreaking situation. We searched the internet for a possible solution for our immigration problem and met Samar Sandhu on the recommendation of a friend. he has a great depth of experience and a successful track record in handling all types of US immigration petitions. He filed Humanitarian reinstatement for us and I am so happy to tell everyone that it has been approved and all credit goes to Mr Samar and F4 Team. The way he presented our case and followed it with USCIS and the Humanitarian department was simply commendable. Thank you, Samar, for always keeping us motivated and informed. We are thankful to God that we choose you for being our immigration attorney.