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This Week’s Success Story: Humanitarian reinstatement of Visa Petition I -130 got approved, after the death of Petitioner.

Applicant approached our team of F4 India Consultants after one year of the death of their petitioner (Father). The I- 1-30 category F3 was revoked by the USCIS. Applicants mother was a US Permanent resident from the last 18 years but never applied for Citizenship as she had doubt that she will not be able to get it because of poor knowledge of English language. Our Attorneys analyzed the case and came up with a strong strategy they applied for Humanitarian reinstatement immediately and simultaneously filled for mother’s US Citizenship, all her interviews were arranged in her native language and English Interview was waived off. Soon Mother got the Citizenship and became eligible for being a substitute sponsor. The request for Humanitarian was approved by USCIS, though it took a long time (approx. 12 months) but we made it happen through our correct approach, continuous follow up and by providing timely updates and documents required by USCIS to make a decision on the case.