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U.S. Immigration Advisor


Question: Six months before I have filed an I-485 with an application for employment authorization and advance parole based on my marriage with a U.S citizen., but I didn’t get any updates other than my biometrics appointment. What should I do? Currently, my mother is admitted to the hospital in India and she is a serious patient of orthopnea and PND. I need the advance parole to go back to India and take care of her properly.

The Immigration Advisor - Samar: It is not unusual right now for it to take 5 or 6 months for USCIS to issue the card that serves as a combination Employment Authorization Document and Advance Parole travel document. Sometimes it takes a longer time than normal. This is true where USCIS has issued a Request for Evidence for the I-485 application or the applications for the EAD or Advance Parole. I suggest you to continue to make service requests with USCIS or even to request assistance from your Congressman’s or Senator’s office.Generally responses to these inquiries are not quick and useful. Such inquiries are helpful when a case is taking a longer than normal time because it has fallen between the cracks and these inquiries can help to get the case back on track.


However, if your mother is serious sick, for example to the point where waiting for USCIS to issue the advance parole might result in her passing away before you are able to visit with her, you might be able to get USCIS to issue the advance parole document under their Expedited Request procedure. At a minimum, you would need a letter from his doctor to prove that her health condition is very serious. The current procedure for asking for an Advance Parole to be issued under Expedited Request is to make an Info pass appointment with your local USCIS field office (if your local USCIS field office does not have any info pass appointments available in the time you need, you could try going to the USCIS office without an info pass ) and to file a new Advance Parole application, and extra required proof, including proof of the emergency . Otherwise, you will just need to wait a little bit longer. It should come soon.

You don’t have to pay a filing fee where your I-131 application is based on a pending I-485 application, but sometimes new filing fees for the form are required to be paid

Note: In normal circumstances USCIS only grant an expedite request in more extreme situations.

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