Ownership and Funding


F4 India Consultants is devoted to being completely transparent in all business dealings. We want to inform you about our ownership structure and financing sources through this Ownership and Funding Disclosure.

For instance,the sources needed for a favorable narrative on a waiver case might differ from those required to fill out a visa application. To ensure that our content is accurate enough, we follow the advice provided below:

Income Model

We offer immigration services and advertise our services online through inbound and outbound referrals, social media marketing, optimization, and SEO. As a result, our work's effectiveness, rate of success, word-of-mouth marketing, and how we sell our services globally all affect our income.

Operational Guidelines

We list potential conflicts of interest on the same page as the pertinent published work. We only promote limited and socially relevant adverts to distinguish them from a typical post on our website. All such content is labelled as "Sponsored" in compliance with our Sponsored Content Policy. Our Non-Partisanship Policy explains our strict policy of not accepting funding from political parties or leaders.