Editorial Coordinator

The editorial crew is comprised of prominent individuals. Here are some typical characteristics of each position, though descriptions of each role can change from publication to publication and positions can overlap, particularly in small teams.

A typical responsibility of an editorial director is to exercise some level of control over a number of publications or editorial outputs, such as newsletters, websites, and occasionally events. Depending on the publication, they may be less involved in the day-to-day operations and instead work with other team members to provide editorial guidance and advice, particularly paralegals, attorneys, executives who fill out visas, and members of the research team who are responsible for gathering information from US government immigration providers like USCIS, NVC, and US Consulates.

Updates are given to our content writer by paralegal, certified, or accredited representatives, who then deliver the content in the most correct and legal manner possible. Our immigration attorneys are in charge of reviewing the content specifically for visa requirements.