Corrective Action Plan

Through this Corrections Policy, F4 India Consultants would like to inform you of the remedial actions we take concerning the information we change on our website. Any inaccurate information that appears on our website will be changed right away. We are aware of our responsibility to our readers and are fully aware that we have to remedy the error and let you know about it as soon as possible.


The F4 India works to deliver factual and comprehensive news updates to its viewers based on all the facts available.

When inaccuracies are discovered in the information on our website, we try to address them as soon as possible.

In addition to amending it in our material, as a digital platform, we post a correction and an explanation on our social media accounts or publish an editor's note outlining the changes made and the error in detail. If we make a serious error that could result in the dissemination of false information, we immediately apologize to our readers.

Revision of a Report

We always acknowledge an article in the notes section if an article has been updated. Every time we fix a critical error or change a report to include comments and updates from a viewer or visitor, we must notify readers using a correction, clarification, or editor's statement.

Suppose a factual error is discovered during our fact-check (conducted by our Fact-Check Policy). In that case, we will edit the article as appropriate and note in bold "[Correction: updated Info...]" at the top of the page, along with a description of the correction made. Additionally, we ask members of our community to send corrections to


If we are materially changing an article, photo caption, headline, graphic, video, or another piece of content, we immediately post a correction outlining the justification for the change in question.

Clarification The language is revised, and clarity is given to the content when our journalism has accurate facts. Still, the language used to convey them is not clear or comprehensive enough. We offer immigration services, a field that frequently and widely modifies its rules and procedures.

Numerous additions and eradications are still impacting immigration

As a result, we continuously update our content by US immigration law. There is a chance that some of the material on our website is, therefore, out-of-date, but we make sure to edit our content and present the most recent information.

Editor's Remarks

A correction that raises serious ethical questions or calls into question the article's content may call for an editor's note and an explanation of the problem. Including an editor's note in a story is authorized by a senior editor.

Policies for other corrections

Our community engagement staff can note in comments that an error has been fixed when a reader discovers one and sends it to the comment stream. We correct misinformation that we have published on social media platforms. If we are unable to change the inaccurate information, we retract it. We do not hold specific reporters or editors accountable (e.g. "because of a reporting error" or "because of an editing error").

Bringing up Errors

Please feel free to email the editorial staff at if you think any of the information we have published is incorrect.

Removal Requests

Our editorial policy prohibits us from considering takedown requests. However, if the subject asserts that the information in the report is false, we are ready to look into it and, if necessary, issue a correction. When fairness requires an update or follow-up on our prior reporting, we comply, taking into account if additional editorial action is needed. Still, we do not take down the piece as if it had never been written. We only consider takedown requests for publicly available personal data when the subject is in danger of being physically harmed due to the material's presence.

Other Corrections Policies

When a reader finds an error and posts it to the comment stream, our community engagement team can indicate in comments that it has been corrected. When we publish erroneous information on social networks, we update it on that platform. We retract the incorrect information if we cannot alter it. We do not attribute blame to individual reporters or editors (e.g. "because of a reporting error" or "because of an editing error").

Reporting inaccuracies

If you believe our published content is inaccurate, don't hesitate to contact the editorial team by emailing us at

Takedown Requests

As a matter of editorial policy, we do not entertain takedown requests. However, if the subject claims the story was inaccurate, we are prepared to investigate and, if necessary, publish a correction. In situations where fairness demands an update or follow-up on our previous coverage, we oblige, considering whether further editorial action is warranted, but not to remove the article as though it had never been published. When we publish publicly available personal data, we only review takedown requests if the person involved is under threat of physical harm because of the existence of such material.